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I found me some Lazy Lashes!

Updated: Jul 7

I’ve been dyyyyiiinnng to share that your girl is now one of the 25 official faces of Glamnetic Lashes! To have been asked to represent the company alongside some INSANE makeup artists is dope as hell as I’m in the presence of greatness. 🤘🏻

I received an email from the company inquiring about working with me a few days before Texas snow tried to kill us, immediately set up a call, then had to cancel because the death weather, then rescheduled for later that day because I found a hot spot to make a call 🤣. #Iwasaweebitexcited

Fast forward a week later in 70° weather, I received 5 sets of lashes in (all ✨glam, of course lol) and some other funsies I didn’t know I was getting and have to say, these are stupid easy! I was worried they’d be “heavy” but I can barely tell they’re on AND ... bonus 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻... my eyes are not itchy because I’m not messin’ with glue, even tho I’m a master at the lash glue after all these years.

Y’all know I’ve had terrible luck with magnetic lashes before 😂 so I’m happy these are wide enough for my eyes

... AND are easy to apply

... AND I can reuse the hell out of them.

Because let’s be real here ... I sleep in my lashes. I’m a mom and too dang tired to do the skin thing every night. Don’t @ me. 😉 With these, I can support this terrible habit by simply gently peeling the lash off before bed, then throwing them back on in the morning, snippity snap!

Laziness Level Infinity.

Need a Discount Code? Got one! My first and last name, no space. Dats it.

OH! 👏🏻. And I go Līve once a month to give away lashes to 4 winners!

I’m wearing VaVaVoom below. And I’m feelin’ it!

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