• Lindsey Ganter, MUA

Street Smart

Official MUA for this ✨ rockstar who flew IN from Florida just to have her professional shots taken by Casey Withers. (Which, again, a huge thanks for the makeup referral 🤘🏻)

I drove about 45 mins to enhance her already stunning features and during that time, she told me her story in her hotel room. Why she remains committed to physical strength and health, and why she continues to pursue it at 50. Sharing her past may not have made her blink an eye, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it since we parted ways.

I love my job/passion because I have the *privilege* of meeting new amazing humans every single time. Each one with their own past, hurts, joys, experiences ... and I’m always so grateful for every story I hear. Each one makes a mark on my soul in one way or another.

Peggy, you inspire me to continue on my gym journey! Thank you!

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